Cross Country Skiing Val D'Isere

Ski de fond

Cross-country skiing is a good way to explore the beautiful mountains of Val d'Isère.

Val d´Isère has a lot more activities to offer than you might think. Winter sports activities do not only include skiing and snowboarding, there is also cross-country skiing, for example.


The principle of cross country skiing is to use your legs and their force to move yourself around the tracks or in the powder. The ski track can be flat or if you like more of a challenge there is also ascents and descents. It is a great form of exercise and there is no need to use a ski lift.

There are no waiting and it is possible to go much further in a more natural environment with fewer people. You also save the lift pass cost.


Ski de fond


The cross-country ski trails are 21 kilometers in total with trails for all levels. There is a map of cross-country ski trails, indicated in the form of colors by level: green, blue, red, black.


From Val d´Isère, it is possible to reach all the slopes of the Val - Tignes area, which in total are 44 kilometers long.

In Val d´Isère, there are 6 tracks in the form of a loop. Discover the circuits of 1 and 6 kilometers from Lake Ouillette, departing from the Solaise cable car. You can also get started on the Manchet slopes of 3 kilometers for the less experienced or 8 kilometers for the more experienced. The La Daille sector also offers 3 kilometers of blue piste, just like the Laisinant sector.


If cross-country skiing is a new practice, you can start with lessons with an instructor in Val d´Isère. You will have the choice between private or group lessons, depending on the price and your preferences. Half-day or full-day courses with lunch included are also possible.


Ski de fond


If cross-country skiing is a usual practice, it is possible to make a reservation with a guide who will make you discover different paths and teach you lots of things about the mountain and Val d'Isère. But you can also go alone.