Restaurants & bars

Here at Chalet Time we take pride in our resort knowledge, the following bars and restaurants have been specially selected for our recommandation. Val d'Isère is a lively ski resort with many things to do in the evening, and many places to go out with family, couples or friends.

  • Taverne d'Alsace

    La taverne d'Alsace

    Located under the Hotel Kandahar, on the main street, is where you will find a menu like no other in Val D'Isère.

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  • la Table des Neiges

    La Table des neiges - le Tsanteleina

    Without doubt one of the best restaurants in Val d'Isère!

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  • 1789

    1789 restaurant

    1979 is one of Val D'Isère's most popular restaurants. It is located to the left of the Galerie des Cimes, a stones throw from the bus station.

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  • La Casa Scara

    La Casa Scara

    La Casa Scara is a quaint Italian restaurant situated in the heart of the old village in Val D'Isère.

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  • La Luge

    La Luge

    Excellent traditional restaurant, located under the hotel Le Blizzard, offers 2 services in the evening at 7 p.m. or 9:30 p.m.

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  • La Vieille Maison

    La Veille maison

    La Vielle Maison, or “ the old house” in English is a wonderful restaurant full of charm and history. 

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  • L'Arbre de Vie

    L'Arbre de Vie

     The aptly named « tree of life » is a beautiful restaurant where diners eat around a huge tree in the centre of the room.

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  • le XV

    Bar XV

    Small, friendly bar located on the main street, opposite the bus station. All lovers of round social bars meet here!

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  • Blue Note

    Blue Note bar

    In a friendly atmosphere and an English-French atmosphere, the Blue Note is located opposite the ESF, between the Bricoval store and the Ormelune hotel in the centre of Val D'Isere. 

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  • Le Coin Des Amis

    Le coin des amis bar - Chez Jules

    Quite simply The Place To Be in Val d'Isère. Small bar located in Val d Isère Village with a warm atmosphere.

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  • La Baraque

    La Baraque

    A magnificent place made of stones and wood, one of the favoured places of locals and tourists alike.

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  • La Doudoune

    Doudoune club

    It is the benchmark of the resort, many famous DJs have come there. This is the place to party in Val d'Isère.

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  • Dicks Tea Bar

    Dicks Tea bar

    Freshly renovated by Seb and Alex, the new owners, Dicks Tea Bar welcomes you every evening with many DJs and delicious cocktails.

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  • Restaurants d'altitude

    Mountains bars and restaurants

    Discover the many mountain restaurants and bars in Val D'Isère.

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