Summer season - Cancellation policy


Added on 05/02/2020

*Our booking and cancellation policy have been updated to help you to plan and enjoy stress-free vacation. 


In these last days, the spring sun shined on Val d'Isère, giving us a glimpse of a beautiful summer season. 


Our business will be  progressively back to normal from May 11th. Chalet Time team will re-open the agency following and respecting all of the safety standards and regulations in order to prepare summer season with you. 


As the different solutions to end the crisis are still unclear and a continuation of the quarantine is not sure, Chalet Time undertakes to reimburse as we did in March every booking that could be cancelled due to government measures on travel restrictions or on the resort welcoming capacity due the Corona virus pandemic. 


Regarding other cancelation reasons, our general terms and conditions are still the same, we advise you to subscribe the cancelation travel insurance that we offer you while you make your stay booking. 


The current exceptional situation we are living prompts us to modify our behavior, so why not to come to discover the mountain in Summer? Many activities await you!


Sweet prices and fresh air, you only need a good pair of shoes to enjoy and respect social distancing! 


Val d'Isère needs you,...but you also likely need Val d'Isère. 


Chalet Time team is at your entire service to help you to prepare your french Summer holidays! 


#StayHome #StaySafe



#PrenezSoinDeVous #RestezChezVous