Star rating classification of your furnished tourist accommodation


Rating principle: 


The star rating classification of a furnished tourist accommodation consists in assigning the right star number (from 1 to 5) according to a certain number of criteria. A furnished tourist accommodation can be an apartment, a chalet or a house that is exclusively for tourist rentals and for short periods (no longer than 12 consecutive weeks). 

The classification is valid for 5 years. The lessor has to send a new rating request after that period if he/she would like to still benefit from the rating classification. 



Why you should classify your tourist accommodation? 

1. Marketing advantages

Having a star rating is an assurance of quality and seriousness for your guests. It also enables increased visibility of your accommodation. The classification is indeed handled by a certified body  that reviews the confort and services level of your furnished and comes with a stamp of approval. This recognition is therefore a real marketing advantage that is sure to set you apart from your competitors among your national or international customers, which is essential in view of the ever-growing offer.

2. Tax advantages 

Classifying your tourist furnished accommodation also enables you to benefit from tax advantages. The main benefit is a flat-rate allowance of 71% on your rental incomes that are under the "micro" category. In other words, you are only taxed on the remaining 29%. As a reminder, the normal rate of allowance without the star rating classification is only 50%.

3. Advantages for your guests

The city tax amount is determined by the star rating of your furnished accommodation.  If it's not classified, the city tax could reach up to 5% of the total stay amount, which can be disadvantageous or even dissuasive for your clients.



Rating your furnished accommodation with Chalet Time: 


Since 2020, Chalet Time is able to carry out the star rating classification of your tourist furnished accommodation. 

If you would like to benefit from this service, please fill in the form below. We'll then contact you and send you the necessary documents to fill up. Once we've made the inspection, we'll send you the final decision, which is valid for 5 years. 

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